Virgin Media SmartCall

SmartCall - the smarter way to save money on your mobile

Unleash your home phone talk plan on your smartphone with our awesome free app - and save oodles of cash on your mobile bills. All you need is an eligible Virgin Media Phone talk plan, an iPhone or Android smartphone and a working WiFi connection!



To get started, simply sign in to My Virgin Media to register your mobile and get it hooked up with your home talk plan. Then you’re all set to make inclusive calls over WiFi.

Make smarter calls with SmartCall

Use your home phone talk plan on your smartphone

You get so much more out of Virgin Phone with SmartCall. The app unlocks your home phone talk plan on your iPhone or Android smartphone wherever you can connect to WiFi, helping you save your precious mobile talk plan minutes for no extra cost.

Beat patchy reception

Fed up of leaning out the bathroom window? SmartCall works over WiFi, so you don't need to battle against patchy reception to use your mobile indoors.

Make calls at the same time

With SmartCall, up to three household members can use your home phone line at the same time (that’s one home phone and two smartphones). More talk time for all the family.

Make inclusive calls from abroad

You can use SmartCall to make calls using your home phone talk plan wherever you go, including overseas. Keep in touch with friends and family as if you were right next door - and avoid hefty roaming charges and hotel phone bills.

Learn more about how SmartCall works and how to get started.

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