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Virgin Media Toolbar

Add our free toolbar to your browser to help you get the most out of Find what you want fast: news, sport, entertainment, celebrity gossip and TV listings, plus help & support and customer services - our toolbar is a great timesaver.

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How it works

Our free toolbar for Internet Explorer helps you find everything you need online, all in one place.

What's included

Quick links to account info and help

There's quick links to your Virgin Media Mail, Help, My Account, Contact Us and live Service News, so you save time searching for what you need.

The latest news and weather

Get the latest headlines straight from the toolbar, with links to all the top stories, breaking news and weather.

The latest goal news as it happens

Links to exclusive content like Premier League goals and loads more great sports coverage.

Search made simple

Search the net with Google and highlight the words you searched for on the page - it's so easy to find what you're looking for.


Add all your favourite links

It's completely customisable, so you can add quick links to your own favourite bits of - like email, sport and TV. Or add any other favourite websites like Amazon, eBay, Facebook or the BBC.


Download the Virgin Media Toolbar

Download now