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Want to see the best of the web on your TV? Your TiVo® service has great apps like YouTube, Facebook and BBC iPlayer. And for taking the TV you love with you, there’s the Virgin TV Anywhere app.

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Nobody wants to squint at a small screen or crowd round a laptop. That’s why TiVo has all the On Demand services you could wish for, including BBC iPlayer, 4oD and 5 Demand. And you can watch them all on your TV’s big screen, from the comfort of your sofa.

Your box also has its own up to 10Mb fibre optic broadband connection so it won't slow down your regular broadband service, if anyone else in your home is online. And because your TiVo box is hooked up to the web, it'll automatically update the apps – so you don't have to.

How to use all your favourite apps like Twitter and BBC iPlayer

How to explore the apps

Step 1
From the Home screen, select Apps & Games.

Step 2
Select the app you want to launch using the arrow keys and then press OK.

Step 3
When you're done, press the red button to go back to the Apps & Games menu.

Watching BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is available to everyone on the TiVo service. There are two ways to get it.

Option 1
Simply press the red button to access BBC iPlayer when watching BBC channels.

Option 2
Or press Home, select Apps & Games and then BBC iPlayer.

Using Remote Record

Fancy recording your favourite shows, whether you're home or away? You can access Remote Record from either your computer or mobile phone and then search for and record all the things you want, anywhere on the move. They'll be saved and ready to watch on your TiVo box when you get home.

See how you can record TV while you're out

How to Remote Record on your computer

Step 1
Go to virginmedia.com/tvguide and sign in to your account.

Step 2
Check that the region and package displayed at the top is the right one for you. Once you have selected these, they should be automatically pre-selected next time you visit.

Step 3
It's easy to find the show you want to record. You can search for it or browse by channel, date and time of the programme.

Step 4
Click on the name of your selected show to open the programme information window. Then click the record icon to record the episode or series (if available). You can set a recording up to 35 minutes before the show starts.

Step 5
That's it! After a few seconds, you should see a message that tells you whether the recording was sent successfully.

How to Remote Record on your mobile

These steps might be slightly different, depending on which mobile phone you've got – a clever smartphone or a standard mobile.

Step 1
First access the web on your mobile, go to m.virginmedia.com/tvguide then click on the Sign in to record button.

Step 2
Next select the TV region you live in. You can choose your TV package, so you only see the channels in your package. Once you have selected your region and package they should be automatically pre–selected next time you visit.

Step 3
Search for your favourite show, movies, actor or director. Or browse the full TV Listings by channel, popular channels, package or date and time.

Step 4
When you've found what you want, click More Info to view more details. If you have a smartphone, simply click on the programme name. If the programme ends in more than 35 minutes time you will see an option to record the programme. You can set the recording up to 35 minutes before the show starts.

Step 5
Wait for the message that tells you whether the recording was sent successfully.

Step 6
Then sit back and enjoy the show when you get home – or anytime it suits you!

Virgin TV Anywhere - take your TV anywhere you go

Want to see what's on your TiVo box from any computer or your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch? Just tap into the Virgin TV Anywhere app and you're free to take the Virgin TV you love with you, wherever you go.

Watch up to 45 live channels and thousands of hours of TV On Demand. Discover new shows using the Discovery Bar or our handy Collections. Record shows and see what's on your box, even if you're nowhere near it. You can even turn your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control for your TiVo box. And best of all, it comes at no extra cost for all our TV customers.

More about Virgin TV Anywhere

Spotify on your TV

You can enjoy Spotify on your TV too, exclusively with your TiVo® service. If you're on Spotify Premium, you can press Home on your TiVo remote, go to Apps and Games and you'll find Spotify. Then simply log in, and all your playlists and favourites will be there, and you can browse for and star music as normal. We think it's the best way to listen to music through your TV, ever.