Virgin Media WiFi

Virgin Media WiFi

Enjoy speedy Virgin Media WiFi on the go

Virgin Media WiFi is our inclusive new on-the-go WiFi service – connecting our customers to smooth, speedy Virgin Media WiFi hotspots when they’re out and about. You can get online in loads of places on the move, including cafes, bars and restaurants, up and down the high street, in airports and even underground!

The brand new Virgin Media WiFi app is available to download from the App Store right now for our mobile and broadband customers using iOS devices. The Android app is on the way soon, so keep checking back for more announcements.

The iOS app is here

Head over to the App Store to download Virgin Media WiFi for iOS and start connecting to our WiFi in places you never expected.

Virgin Media WiFi sharing app connected

Connect seamlessly with no sign-in
pages and no faff

Virgin Media WiFi sharing app map

Enjoy smooth, speedy WiFi in loads
of your favourite places

Virgin Media WiFi sharing app data usage

Help save your data and give your
wallet a well-earned rest

Download on the App Store

Download the Virgin Media WiFi app for iOS from the App Store now

The hotspots just keep coming!

We’ve buddied up with The Cloud, Arqiva and Transport for London to give Virgin Media mobile and broadband customers access to hotspots in loads more places across the UK.

Get online in loads of your favourite places

With The Cloud you can get online at Pizza Express, Caffé Nero, Pret a Manger, Wagamama, Alton Towers and Thorpe Park – and that’s just for starters.

Check out our WiFi as you check in for your flight

We can’t promise that your plane won’t be delayed, but you can enjoy our smooth, speedy Virgin Media WiFi at these airport destinations with Arqiva – as well as pubs and city centre phone boxes up and down the UK.

We’re going underground

Thanks to Virgin Media WiFi you can now get online with ease in more than 250 London Underground stations and Victoria Coach station.

Your device will pick up our WiFi signal when you're in a Virgin Media WiFi-enabled Tube station. There's no signal in tunnels, but you'll connect to the signal at the next WiFi-enabled platform so you can pick up where you left off.

Check out a handy list of the stations where you can get online

WiFi Buddy is transforming

If you're currently using our WiFi Buddy app, then you'll soon find that it has morphed into the new and improved Virgin Media WiFi. All you'll need to do is upgrade to the latest version of the app, follow the simple on-screen instructions to set up once, and you're good to go! The clever app will remember you, so you'll find yourself effortlessly connecting when you're out and about.

Your Virgin Media WiFi questions answered

Download on the App Store

Download the Virgin Media WiFi app for iOS from the App Store now