V6 Getting Started

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Getting started with your Virgin TV V6 box

You might have heard that the Virgin TV V6 box is our smallest, smartest, fastest yet. But what does that mean?
Simply put, it means it’s never been easier to find and watch the telly you love.

Here’s why.

A lean, mean, telly-watching machine

The Virgin TV V6 might be half the size of our last box, and with a smaller remote to boot, but it comes with a load of extra features.


Find the telly you love with the touch of a Search button, whether it’s on live TV, your Box Sets, Catch Up or even Netflix.

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Record six shows at once

With the Virgin TV V6 box, you can record 6 shows while watching a 7th you recorded earlier, or something on BBC iPlayer or Netflix (if you’re a subscriber).

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The TV Anywhere app

Working hand in hand with our new Virgin TV Anywhere app, your Virgin TV V6 box connects entertainment like never before. You can stream selected recordings straight to a compatible mobile or tablet in any room there’s WiFi, watch up to 100 live channels and a range of Box Sets at home and on the go, or even download recordings to watch offline.

Getting the TV Anywhere app

First, download the clever app from the App Store, Google Play or the Amazon Appstore. You can watch live TV, Box Sets (depending on your TV package) or On Demand on up to two compatible devices.

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Watch recordings on your mobile or tablet

To watch selected recordings from your Virgin TV V6 on your phone or tablet, first make sure the device is connected your Hub’s WiFi. Then just open the app, go to My Shows, choose the show you want to watch and press Watch Now. Select ‘mobile’ or ‘tablet’ and it will start playing.

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Built for apps

Since the way we watch telly is changing, the Virgin TV V6 box has been designed from top to bottom with apps in mind. That means you get the essential Catch Up services and players you love included on the box, plus YouTube and access to Netflix (if you’re subscribed) on your TV.

Catch Up

With Catch Up you can unmiss the must-see TV of the last seven days. From the Home screen, select Catch Up and from there you can select shows by channel, genre or day.

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Netflix and YouTube

Both YouTube and Netflix (if you’re subscribed) are ready and waiting to watch on your Virgin TV V6 box, and you can even watch them in stunning 4K, if you have a 4K TV. From the Home screen, choose Apps & Games and then select the Netflix or YouTube icon.

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