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Get to know your Virgin TV box

There’s a big wide world of telly out there, and we want you to get the best of it. That’s where your Virgin TV box comes in: a seriously clever bit of kit built to help you search, save and stream the TV you love. We’ve put together some handy hints and tips to help you become a Virgin TV pro – just let us know what box you’ve got, and then check out the sections that interest you.

What Virgin TV box do you have?

Say hello to the Virgin TV V6 box

Our smallest, smartest, fastest box yet connects you to a whole world of entertainment. Want to record 6 shows at once? You can. How about streaming selected recordings to a compatible mobile or tablet over WiFi? No problem. Got a 4K TV and want to watch 4K content? The Virgin TV V6 box does it all, and a lot more.

Getting started with your Virgin TV V6 box

Find out what our smallest, smartest, fastest box yet is packing under the hood.

Getting started >

Finding the TV that matters to you

Working with our award-winning broadband, the Virgin TV V6 box helps you find, watch and save great TV from all over the place.

Watching >

The TV you love, the way you want it

We know that great TV lives in lots of different places these days, so the Virgin TV V6 box has made watching On Demand and Catch Up telly easier than ever.

On Demand >

Virgin TV Go

Working hand in hand with the Virgin TV Go app, the Virgin TV V6 helps you watch different things side by side, and even take some of the telly you love on the go.

Virgin TV Go app >

Virgin TV V6 guides

Get the full lowdown on what your new Virgin TV V6 box can do, as well as a step-by-step guide on self-installing with QuickStart.

Virgin TV V6 User Guide >
Virgin TV V6 QuickStart Guide for New Customers >
Virgin TV V6 QuickStart Guide for Existing Customers >

What your TiVo® box can do

Our mighty TiVo® box gives you TV that matters to you. You can still search across live TV, Catch Up, Box Sets and Netflix and then bring it together with Series Link+, and it has other tricks up its sleeve too – it can undelete recordings, recommend shows based on what you love, and more.

Fancy a quick taste of what you can do with Virgin TV? Download our TiVo® guide.

Getting started

If you're looking for the best place to start, this is the guide for you. Find out about your TV Guide and Mini Guide, as well as the super special Backwards Programme Guide.

Getting started >

Your recordings

With your Virgin TV box you can record three shows while you watch a fourth that you recorded earlier! And that's not the only cool thing it can do. You can undelete shows, find Suggestions, and use the new Series Link+ function – which finds episodes of your favourite shows on On Demand, Catch Up TV or Netflix and saves them all in ‘My Shows’.

Your recordings >

Search & Discover

Looking for a specific show? Fancy finding something else starring Tom Hardy? Our Search & Discover guide has you covered. We'll even share our WishList secrets with you…

Search & Discover >

On Demand & Catch Up

Watch shows when you want them! Visit the On Demand section to find out how to use Catch Up TV, watch your favourite Netflix shows, rent the latest movie releases, explore exclusive Box Sets and learn all about our Apps.

On Demand & Catch Up >