TV on the go

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TV on the go

Ever wanted to catch up on your favourite show while nursing a latte in your local café, or while someone else is hogging the big TV downstairs? With Virgin Media's on the go services, your TV experience is right there in your pocket, giving you the freedom to watch what you want, when you want, wherever you want!

TV Anywhere


Pop the Virgin TV Anywhere app onto your mobile device and you can watch live telly anywhere that you can access a WiFi signal. If you prefer to watch TV Anywhere on your laptop or computer (perhaps while the kids have taken over the living room TV) you can watch live TV, hours of TV On Demand, and access Catch Up.

Top Tips

TV Anywhere on your computer

Want to watch telly or On Demand shows on your PC or Mac? Fancy managing your TV box from your computer? Visit TV Anywhere online at virginmedia at

Managing your TiVo box from your computer


TV Anywhere on your mobile device

You can grab the TV Anywhere app to watch live TV on the go from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon Appstore. And best of all, it's at no extra cost to all Virgin TiVo® customers!

Getting started with the Virgin TV Anywhere iPad, iPhone or iPod touch app

Getting started with the Virgin TV Anywhere Android app


More live channels on the go

Watch more than 100 live channels through TV Anywhere, including all your faves such as BT Sport, Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, MTV and Cartoon Network. The channels available depend on your Virgin TV package.

What you can watch with Virgin TV Anywhere

TV Anywhere remote function


Lost the remote? No problem. With the TV anywhere app, you can control your TV box directly from your mobile or tablet. At home you can turn your device into a handy remote control, and when you're out and about you can manage all your recordings through the app so you’ll never miss out on your favourite shows.
Cancel planned recordings to record something better instead, delete recordings to make space.... how cool is that?

Top Tips

Swipe onto your TV

Found something awesome on your TV Anywhere app? Swipe the image of your chosen programme towards your TV box and it'll appear on screen. Magic.

It can be live, On Demand, recorded or even a Netflix show.

Control TiVo using the Virgin TV Anywhere app


Set your recordings while out

Forgot to record your favourite show? Not to worry! With TV Anywhere you can do loads of cool things like record shows for later, delete shows, and see your planned recordings from anywhere in the world.

Manage your recordings with the Virgin TV Anywhere app


TV Anywhere as a TiVo keyboard

You can search for shows on your TV box at lightning speed by using the keyboard on your mobile or tablet – even faster than using the TiVo remote.


Extra TV tips

Use the TiVo remote with your TV

Want to control your TV as well as your TV box? From the Home menu, choose Help & Settings and then Help. Follow the instructions there and you're good to go.

Learn more about setting up your TiVo remote for your TV

Remote Record request not working?

If your Remote Record request hasn't worked, check to make sure your Virgin TV box is turned on, and that your TV Anywhere app is interacting with the correct box.

Learn more about troubleshooting Remote Record