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Finding the TV that matters to you

Working alongside our award-winning broadband, the Virgin TV V6 box brings the TV you love together. It’s our fastest box to date, making finding what you want quicker than ever. And with TiVo® as the brains of the operation and a whopping 1TB of space, you’ll never struggle to find something on the box again.

Record six shows at once

Make the scramble for the remote a thing of the past. Now you can record six channels at the same time whilst you watch an existing recording, or shows from apps like Netflix or BBC iPlayer. And since you can store up to 500 hours of TV, there’s loads of space to keep it. Household harmony at last!

Setting a recording

Press Record while watching a live channel. The show will be recorded from when you started watching, not when you pressed record. If you want to stop the recording, press record again and choose Stop the current recording.

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Recording from the TV Guide

You can also set recordings for shows in the future. Just press the Guide button on your remote, highlight the show you’d like to record, press Record and select Record this show.

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Your favourite apps, together at last

We know that great TV is found all over the place, but the Virgin TV V6 box gives you all the good stuff in one simple place. So on top of all your channels, you get the Catch Up services and players you want, plus YouTube on your TV and access to Netflix (if you’re subscribed).

How to watch Catch Up

From the home screen, choose Catch Up. Then select Channels and choose your player of choice, whether that’s BBC iPlayer or All4.

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How to watch YouTube

From the Home screen, select Apps & Games. Then, choose the YouTube icon.

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How to watch apps like Netflix

From the Home screen, choose Apps & Games. Then, select the icon of the app you’d like to access. In the case of Netflix, if you don’t have a subscription, you can sign up for an additional monthly charge via your Virgin TV box.

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Got more than one Virgin TV box?

If you’ve got an extra Virgin TV V6 or TiVo® box hooked up in another room, you get even more freedom. You can pause live TV from one room and pick up in the other, and even stream selected recordings between the boxes. All you need to do is connect the boxes to your Virgin Media Hub with an Ethernet cable, or with a Powerline kit if they’re far apart.

Watch recordings on another box

To access recordings stored on one box from another, select My Shows and then Other TiVo boxes from the list, where you’ll see the names of the boxes you have connected together. Select the box you want to watch from and then the show you want to watch. You can now choose  Play to watch from the start, or Resume Playing to pick up where you left off. Easy.

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Pause and pick up TV

Watching live TV? Press Record. Once you’re comfy in the new room, press My Shows on your remote and scroll to the bottom of the list – you’ll see the names of the boxes you have connected together. Then, just choose the box you want to watch from, press OK, and select your show. Or, if you’re watching something On Demand, press Stop. Once you’re in front of your other telly and ready to start watching again, select Continue Watching from the Home screen.

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