Virgin TiVo app updates

4th July 2016

We have some news about your TiVo apps…

Right now we’re making loads of exciting updates to our Virgin TV service to make it easier for you to find and enjoy the telly you love.

Unfortunately, some of these updates mean that we have to say goodbye to a couple of our apps:

  • Spotify
  • Weather service

These apps will be leaving your TiVo box from Monday 4th July.


Why are these changes taking place?

As we make improvements to our TiVo service the updates that we implement can cause issues with existing apps.

We are working closely with all of our app providers to ensure that their apps are updated in line with TiVo so that you can continue to use them on your TiVo box. Sometimes these apps aren’t updated in time, and when that happens we have to retire them to prevent problems with your TiVo.


Do these changes affect my Spotify service in any other way?

No, if you have your Spotify subscription through Virgin Media or through Spotify directly, then you can still enjoy Spotify on a range of other devices.

Instead of the TiVo Weather app, you can use the BBC Weather service to check the forecast. Just press the Red button on any BBC channel to access this service.


When will these changes take place?

These apps will be leaving your TiVo box from Monday 4th July.