Love music? Say hello to VEVO

If we said you can now watch more than 250,000+ music videos from over 20,000 brilliant artists, including live concert performances, all through your TiVo box without spending one penny extra, what would you say?

We know right? It’s crazy!

From today (12th Jan), all our lovely TiVo customers will be able to enjoy the VEVO app and experience an absolute festival of amazing music. Now you've got another reason to celebrate being a Virgin TV customer.

To help you start the party, we’ve put together a little FAQ…

What is VEVO?

VEVO is the world's leading music video platform. It features a library of over 250,000+ HD music videos and live concert performances, from an astounding 20,000+ artists.

Basically, it's like all your music dreams come true.  

How do I get VEVO?

If you've got a TiVo box, you've got VEVO. Done and done.

If you're an XL subscriber without a TiVo box you can still access our Music On Demand options. If you're on a lower tier (M – L) and you don't have a TiVo box, you will need to upgrade to get the XL music content.

If you're interested in VEVO but don't yet have TiVo, we highly recommend upgrading to a TiVo box.

Where can I find VEVO?

There are four places you can find the VEVO app on your TiVo box.

  • Find it in your Music On Demand folder. You can access this from the TiVo Home Page, under the On Demand section.
  • Find it under Apps and Games.
  • Find it on the Search and Discover menu.
  • Find it on channel 300, or on channel 344. Just press the red button on your TiVo remote to launch VEVO.

Is anything else changing?

We're having a little reshuffle on TiVo to make room for our VEVO app (it's quite a big fella). We're keeping Karaoke though. We're suckers for a good sing-a-long.

Bear in mind that these changes only apply to TiVo customers. If you don't have TiVo and you're an XL subscriber, the only thing we're removing is Pay By Track. Playlists and Most Watched will remain where they are.

Today, we're also launching four new music TV channels from four great brands – Clubland, NOW Music, AKA and Chilled. You can find them in the Clubland AKA app, through channel 300, channel 345, or via Apps and Games.