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Your TiVo box doesn't want you to miss out on TV that you’ll love. With clever stuff like WishListsTM and Suggestions, you'll never miss a thing.

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Don't want to miss your favourite shows? Create a WishList™

Annoying, isn't it, when you miss the start of a series you love, because you didn't realise it was on air again? With your TiVo service, you won't miss a thing.

The unique WishLists feature will automatically record your favourite series, even if you didn't know it had started again. Just create a WishList with your favourite show, actor or director, then sit back and let your TiVo service do the hard work for you. It takes features like Series Link to a whole new level!

See how TiVo automatically records your favourites and suggests new stuff too

Like that? You’ll love TiVo's Suggestions

Ever find you're watching the same shows on the same channels, time and time again?

This is where your TiVo service comes into its own. Your TiVo box remembers what you like and what you don't, so it can suggest new things you're more likely to love. You'll find two little symbols on your control – the unique 'Thumbs Up' and 'Thumbs Down' buttons. These let you rate what you watch instantly.

So if you gave Megamind the 'Thumbs Up', it might suggest you catch other animated movies, like The Incredibles or Shrek 3. And in time, your TiVo box will learn exactly how to push your buttons.

They'll be saved in a special Suggestions folder in My Shows or available On Demand, ready for you to watch when you want.

Do clever stuff on the move

If you like the sound of WishLists™, you’ll be chuffed to hear you can take them (plus much, much more) with you, wherever you go, with Virgin TV Anywhere. It’s available for all Virgin TV customers and lets you watch live TV and On Demand, discover new shows and even record remotely on your computer, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Now that’s clever telly.

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