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Introducing TiVo®

Uncover great new shows, catch ones you've missed or relive old favourites. Record, pause or rewind as much as you like, or enjoy cool apps like Facebook and Twitter. This is a more exciting way to watch TV.

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Our new TiVo service gives you lots of new reasons to love your TV – you’ll watch all your favourite shows and have fun finding new ones. All the best entertainment, right there on your telly.

You still get all your favourite channels, including your Sky favourites, Catch Up TV, hundreds of on demand movies and shows, and even handy web apps like Twitter and BBC iPlayer.

Plus, you can pause and rewind live TV, record three shows while watching one you recorded earlier and even set it to record remotely from your laptop or mobile.

Virgin TV Anywhere – telly you can take anywhere you go

Take your TiVo box with you with Virgin TV Anywhere, available on your computer, laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Android tablet or smartphone. Watch a huge range of subscription and free-to-air TV. Check out the live and On Demand channel line-up available on TV Anywhere here. Discover new shows, record programmes or manage your TiVo settings even when your miles away from your box. And the best thing is it won’t cost TiVo customers a penny extra.

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